Welcome to United Multi State Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. A Multistate Credit Cooperative Society Registered with Central Register, New Delhi under Multistate Cooperative Society Act-2002 and doing finance business amoung its members.


Member's Opinion-

"I am highly dedicated to the cause of co-operative movement in our society, and it is extremely gratifying to know that "The United Multi State Credit Cooperative Society Ltd" has succeeded in meeting the basic needs of the borrower members of united society while also providing investors with a reasonable rate of interest and a leveraged social impact. That's pretty exciting!"

Some NGO Activist

"In my association with "The United Multi State Credit Cooperative Society Ltd", I have a strong opinion that it is having a real high social impact. I could always look up to the fine future of "The United Multi State Credit Cooperative Society Ltd" which has never let me down in any way. The Impact and the financial discipline are highly appreciable. Indeed I am proud of my decision to invest with "The United Multi State Credit Cooperative Society Ltd".

Some NGO Activist

Today I visited at Jaipur branch of UNITED for some investment plan. Although I was not sure of what I needed, their staff guided me through the process very patiently for 1/2 an hour.
They rang me later in the afternoon to confirm what we agreed upon was done. I found them extremely helpful and knowledgeable and the level of service I received from them confirms as to why I prefer this Credit Society to any other Society/Bank I have had experiences with.
I have just completed the purchase of a property with the valued help of UNITED Loans and Advances Department. From previous experiences I had with other financial institutions, arranging finance were very stressful and frustrating.
While the purchase of this property had some testing times, the last thing I had to worry about, which is probably the most important, was finance. The time of my offer from the Real Estate Agent to settlement was approximately three weeks.
I am particularly impressed that even in this short time frame a significant financial transaction can be completed with so little fuss. The service I received from UNITED Loans Dept has been first class.
I have been a shareholder/member of UNITED from the last 3 yrs, and within that time I have also held bank accounts with 2 national banks. I have cancelled my accounts with these banks over the years because of the lack of transparency in services. During my membership with UNITED I have always found the staff helpful and friendly to deal with.
I would like to thank the staff and management of UNITED for the extraordinary services and friendliness they have given me over the years and hopefully for many more years to come.