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UNITED KISAN BOND (Open to all. Double your Amount in 72 Months.)

(Double your Amount in 72 Months.)

India is a country of villages. According to the Census more than 70% population lives in rural areas. Indian Farmers contribute a giant role for the growth of GDP in Indian Economy. He plays a significant role in the overall socio-economic development of the Country. They are essential for the nation's advancement & growth. To salute their contribution, UNITED has introduced "United Kisan Bond" with the aim of providing financial services to the farmers for their empowerment and better life style.

1. Minimum UKB would be of Rs.10,000 and further in multiple of Rs.1,000.

2. TDS is not applicable on the Interest paid by United

3. Payment before maturity is not available.

4. LOAN FACILITY:- Loan available up to 80% of Bond amount.