Welcome to United Multi State Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. A Multistate Credit Cooperative Society Registered with Central Register, New Delhi under Multistate Cooperative Society Act-2002 and doing finance business amoung its members.


The United Multistate Credit Co-operative Society Limited (UNITED) is a co-operative society with a vision to provide new generation saving facilities, equipped with the latest technology, to its share holders, members and patrons. The UNITED is bound to deliver "Better & latest Financial Solutions" through an up-to-date range of competitive financial products and services.

The United Multistate Credit Co-operative Society limited was initially registered under "The Rajasthan Co-operative Society Act - 2001" vide registration No. 724/LC/2010 & thereafter upgraded as Multistate Co-operative Society under "The Multistate Co-operative Society Act- 2002" of "Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Govt. of India" vide registration no. MSCS/CR/479/2012. The UNITED is not a personally owned institution but is a society mutually owned by its members who enjoy the status of being exclusively served while carrying out financial as well as non-financial transactions. The UNITED does business for mutual benefit of its members only.

THE UNITED is a fully democratic organization. Its governance & policies are transparent and are managed by the 'Board of Directors' elected by it members. The elections are normally conducted in the Annual General Meeting each year for filling up vacant posts.

THE UNITED values and respects the opinions of its members. Being registered as a cooperative society, the Department of Co-operative of the Central Government constantly reviews the functioning of the society at regular intervals. The annual books of accounts of UNITED are subject matter of Statutory Audit and the Audited Accounts are submitted to the Central Govt. for review and inspection.

The promoters of the UNITED are ''UNITED'' with the institution. They are successful, recognised professionals from various sectors having wide experience in the field of Banking, finance, law, reality projects and managing business organisations. The United strength of Directors provide enormous capabilities to the society to set up and achieve goals.

THE UNITED has been certificated with ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Systems vide certificate No. PCMS/QMS/1486.2011. More so, the Society is member of National Federation of Urban Co-operative Banks and Credit Societies Ltd. (NAFCUB) vide membership no. 1753. NAFCUB is an apex National Level Federation of Urban Co-operative Banks and Credit Societies.

THE UNITED expansion programme is on a fast track.THE UNITED is going to mark its presence throughout all the districts & Tehsil headquarters of our operational states namely, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Union Territory Delhi. THE UNITED is working on expansion plan beyond these three states and may soon have offices in many other states preferably in MP, UP & Punjab. With a friendly caring approach for its members combined with the sense of security and peace of mind,THE UNITED hopes to enjoy country wide presence in coming years.



"The United Multi State Credit Cooperative Society Ltd" extends credit facilities to its members adopting "Microfinance" and "Group Financing "clubbed with "co-operative credit". This unique scheme is highly effective and appreciated at a large scale. THE UNITED identifies potential borrowers from & within its members to facilitate loans and advances at most competitive interest rates. From Time to time, THE UNITED provides market- value adding services to its members. Ongoing training & skill development programs are regularly conducted for the benefit of members / borrowers so that post lending they succeed in their economic activities and improve their livelihood and earnings. Through this way, the very purpose of extending finances is achieved. This approach of THE UNITED for its members is highly effective and widely appreciated.