Welcome to United Multi State Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. A Multistate Credit Cooperative Society Registered with Central Register, New Delhi under Multistate Cooperative Society Act-2002 and doing finance business amoung its members.


Social Aspects of Microfinance -

Microfinance institutions significantly contributed towards gender equality ,women's empowerment ,development of poor and strengthening of the civil society. Women's ability to earn an income lead to their economic development , increased well being of themselves and their families and expending social & political empowerment.

Women's indicators of empowerment through Microfinance:

Target Geography :

Now Ajmer, Alwar, Beawar, Chomu, Kishangarh, Khairthal,Pawta Sikar are also included in the list. Looking at the zero level NPA, UNITED has planned to commence microfinancing at all the 30 branches in a couple of months.

Customer eligibility

• "UNITED" extends credit facilities to its members adopting "Microfinance" and "Group Financing" clubbed with "cooperative credit". This unique scheme is highly effective and appreciated at large.

• UNITED try to identify potential borrowers from & within members to facilitate loans and advances at most competitive interest rates.

• From time to time, the UNITED provide and market value added services to its members. On going training & skill development programs are conducted for the benefit of members / borrowers so that post lending they may succeed in their activities.

• Ability to save and access loans.

• Opportunity to undertake an economic activity.

• Mobility-Opportunity to visit nearby towns.

• Awareness-local issues, MFI procedures, banking transactions.

• Skills for income generation.

• Decision making within the household.

• Group mobilization in support of individual clients-action on.

• Married women between 18 to 60 Years of age.

• Group members should have been residing in same locality, with in 1 km radius

• Ratio of members residing in own house : Rented house should be not less than 80:20

• One 'members' from one family

• Customer and his spouse should have a KYC document

• Entire family income should not exceed Rs.75,000/-p.a.

• Members should not be in list of defaulters from other MFI / lender

• Purpose of loan should be productive with income generating activity

• Family should not be involved in illegal activities

Joint Liability Groups :

A large portion of Indian population has limited access to formal banking. The credit needs of this segments, which is primarily low income, are largely met by informal channels such as money lenders, traders, family and friends, etc, which has its own limitations. One of the models designed to provide access to formal sources of finance to this segment of under-banked

population is the JLGroup. Under this program, group of 10-20 individuals are organized into groups known as JLGroups (JLGs)..

UNITED link to links and banks to bank JLGs to 'bank' for opening RD account while lending after assessing the credit worthiness and various parameters like group discipline on regularity of meetings, repayment of loans, etc.

Target Customer Base :

JLGroups (JLGs) are homogeneous group of 10-20 individuals, interested in extending and sharing group guarantee, who get together for internally helping each other in times of need. Each individual saves a fixed amount on a monthly basis. The group members are engaged in a livelihood creation activity like, cattle rearing, zari work, tailoring job, making candles, artificial jewellery, etc.

Eligibility : Key eligibility criteria includes the following

Minimum vintage of JLG 12 months

Membership - Minimum 10 and maximum 20.

Maximum Limit : Rs. 25,000/- per JLG member

Security : Loans to JLGs shall be unsecured in nature.

Minimum Rate of Interest