Welcome to United Multi State Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. A Multistate Credit Cooperative Society Registered with Central Register, New Delhi under Multistate Cooperative Society Act-2002 and doing finance business amoung its members.


Since the UNITED Multi State Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. is a registered society, members are entitled to carry out financial activities for mutual benefits and open accounts or avail loan. For this purpose, one has to become the member- cum- shareholder.


Any person who has attained the age of 18 years and is capable of entering into a valid contract, a member of Hindu undivided family, a company registered under Companies act or a charitable firm is eligible to become the member of The UNITED Multistate Credit Co-operative Society Ltd.


Each person joining the society is required to purchase a share of Rs.100 and needs to fill up a membership application form with a deposit of Rs.10/-as membership fees. The receipt of total Rs.110/-will be issued at the time of deposit of application form to acknowledge the transaction. Once this formality has taken place the applicant becomes a valid member of the UNITED Multi State Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. and can operate his/her account very well. Each member of the United thereof BEING a share holder is entitled to attend annual general meetings and to vote for the directors.


• Being a member of THE UNITED , one is entitled to avail benefits of up-to-date range of competitive financial products and services which are professionally delivered to all of its members. When one becomes a part of THE UNITED he /she becomes a member of its extended family.

THE UNITED offers higher interest rates to its members, which means more wealth for his /her family. Return on investment is high. What's more ? TDS is not deducted on the interest accrued or paid on savings.

THE UNITED's services can be availed online via our portal www.theunitedcredit.com. You can check your account 24x7 days.

THE UNITED offers its members very convenient, safe and affordable loans to fulfil upon realising their dreams. Members can avail a variety of loans such as Home Loans, Car Loans, Overdrafts and Personal Loans.


• Two copies of latest photographs

• Proof of residence to the satisfaction of the Bank (Passport, Driving License, Ration Card, Voters Card, Electricity Bill, Aadhar Card etc.)

• Photo Identity Proof

• Initial deposit of Rs 110/- in cash to become a member cum shareholder being Rs. Ten toward membership fees and Rs.100/0 toward share application money for a minimum one share.


• An individual has to be a member of THE UNITED should have an saving account.

• All transactions related to deposit and withdrawal will be routed through Saving Account.

• Interest will be credited in account annually.

• Nomination facility is available.